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Springing forward all year long: It's not about losing an hour of sleep, rather learning how to sleep to find your health!

In August 2107, our very own Dr. Andrea LaCroix presented the health benefits of sleep during the Howell Lecture Series Improving the Snooze: Sleeping Better as we Age.  "Almost everything is related in some way to our ability to function as we grow older; and sleep is perhaps one of the most important functions,"  comments Dr. LaCroix.  She, along with Dr. Carole Banka, Dr. Meg Richman and Board Chair and Registered Nurse Abigail D'Agostino, are part of the Foundation's Speakers Service; a newly launched initiative focused on extending the organization's mission of "keeping the women we love healthy."

The 5 takeaways of her presentation are:

1. Sleep is regulated by a process called homeostatic process.  It means that the body is set up to want to be in balance with other internal processes. Our sleep drive -- when we get tired and feel sleepy, that drive to sleep -- is balanced with the way we operate while awake.  There are many internal and externa…

It all starts with research: Honoring the trailblazers who make women’s health research a priority!

The bottom line is that research IS the cornerstone of women's health. The exclusion of female subjects in current research efforts translates into women being misdiagnosed and mistreated when dealing with illness. In the era of personalized medicine, a 'one-size-fits-all' approach on the basis of results from male research subjects, places women at a higher health risk.

Why should YOU care about women’s health research?

When your doctor discusses alternative treatments for Alzheimer's disease, it started with research...

When we know about the differences between men and women, and heart health, it started with research...

When you discuss mammography screening as a guideline to breast health, it started with research...

When you take control of your health in an informed manner, chances are... it started with research!

Research is how we know that women and men:
Do not have heart attacks the same way.Do not face stress the same way.Do not react to Ambien the same way…