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Giving Back: Thank you, Alpha Phi!

On May 22, 2016, the Kappa Beta Chapter at UCSD was installed as the newest chapter of the Alpha Phi International Fraternity.  What, you may ask, might this have to do with the Howell Foundation?

Those who attended our May luncheon will remember that Deepika Suresh (a past Howell Foundation scholar) and Taylor Bergstrom, president of the new Alpha Phi chapter, made a brief presentation to inform our audience that the chapter had chosen the Howell Foundation to receive their installation donation. In donating to the Howell Foundation they help make possible a scholarship for another undergraduate to pursue research. The Alpha Phi Foundation, the charitable arm of the sorority, makes a donation each time a new chapter is installed. Supporting efforts to improve heart disease in women is their mission and, in making this donation, they have recognized our support of research and outreach in this area.

We at the Howell Foundation are honored to be the recipient for the Kappa Beta Chapt…