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The power of DNA testing in personalized medicine.

Imagine your family free of the possibility of illness... finally having your health in your hands and making informed decisions to treat an illness that does not appear to have a cure.  Our guest speaker certainly provided hope in the realm of personalized medicine. Karen Possemato, Chief of Staff at iIlumina, presented concrete evidence on how DNA testing can help treat a specific disease; leaving no doubt on how the field of genomics is becoming more utilized and creating more impact in the way illness is treated today.

Changes in technology, as in pretty much everything in our lives, are only a couple of decades old; in comparison with all the technological and scientific advancements throughout our history.  To put the speed of technology and science adoption --specifically genomics-- in context, Mrs. Possemato discussed how the activation of T cells treated President Carter's melanoma.  She also discussed the potential of GMO's to fight hunger in impoverished countries…

Dr. Howell's Legacy in the Palliative Care Community.

CSU Institute for Palliative Care names award after Dr. Doris Howell  Award to recognize community leaders that advance palliative care in our community. 
SAN DIEGO, CA – Sept. 2016.  CSU announced the Doris A. Howell MD Award for Advancing Palliative Care during the Institute for Palliative Care inaugural ribbon cutting ceremony earlier in September in the San Marcos Campus.  Information on the ceremony can be seen here.
Long-time recognized for her work in palliative care, and affectionately named 'the mother of hospice', the award seeks to recognize the efforts of those who improve or manage the quality of life of patients and their families during a life-threatening illness through identification, assessment and treatment of pain and other physical, psychosocial and spiritual issues.
The first recipients of the prestigious award are Dr. Daniel Hoefer, Chief Medical Officer for Sharp HealthCare’s Outpatient Palliative Care Program --Transitions --  and associate medical direct…

Howell Foundation presents the field of research of the latest Cheryl Wilson Nursing Scholars

The health of the caregiver tending to Alzheimer's and dementia patients, and training for the health care provider in human trafficking victims as the 2016 Hahn School of Nursing research projects.  
San Diego, CA - August, 2015.   The Doris A. Howell Foundation announced the recipients of the Cheryl A. Wilson Scholarships to Ph.D. candidates Noelle Lipkin Leveque, sponsored by Cynthia D. Connaly, Ph.D. RN FAAN, and Trista Campbell, sponsored by Jane Georges, PhD.   Lipkin will be addressing care for victims of human trafficking while Campbell will addressing the health issues of the caregivers of dementia and Alzheimer's patients.

In her project description, Lipkin mentions: " Published research shows between 68 and 97% of health care providers say they have had NO training in identifying or treating victims of human trafficking.

This dissertation focuses on the gap in nursing knowledge regarding the health care of people (particularly women) who have been/are victims of…