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The many facets of women & heart disease: Going beyond stats & discussing alternative, non-invasive treatment

Starting the Foundation’s 2018 Outreach Efforts with Cardiovascular Disease!  For those of us who are avid followers of the Howell Foundation, we know that, during heart and health month, the first luncheon of the year will host the latest research efforts on heart disease.

And if I may, a reminder of women and research:  If there is an example that specifically addresses the differences between men and women from a research perspective, it is heart disease; making the case for women's health research even clearer!  However, a survey conducted by Harvard Health brings light to the efforts that are still needed to continue bringing awareness of the differences between men and women, and heart disease.  Did you know that, although heart disease IS recognized as the leading cause of death amongst women, being diagnosed with breast cancer was listed as more of a concern to them than the risks of heart disease? With that interesting tidbit of information, a yearly reminder of heart he…