Why Women's Health Research?

A reminder on why women's health research is so important, what the Howell Foundation does about it, and why YOU should care!

Bottom line: YOUR health starts with research. 

When your doctor discusses alternative treatments for Alzheimer's Disease, it started with research. Just last week, we learned about one the latest breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s Disease research.  From Science Daily, “the inheritance of small changes in DNA alters the expression of the PM20D1 gene and is associated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.”

When you know about the differences between men and women, and heart health, it started with research.  Today, not only do we know about the differences between men and women when dealing with heart disease, but thanks to organizations like Be There San Diego and the Howell Luncheon Series, we now have an insight on new technology being developed to prevent and monitor heart health.

When you discuss mammography screening guidelines for breast health, it started with research.  As a matter of fact, our own Dr. Andrea Lacroix will be one of the speakers at the Wo…

Congratulations to the 2018 Howell UCSD Scholars!

One of the cornerstones of the Foundation is to award scholarships to those who are interested in pursuing a career in women's health.  We like to say we want them excited to do so!   With fields or research that range from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, to placental stem cells, elevated testosterone in the female system, genetic breast cancer counseling for young survivors and gestational diabetes, these young ladies pretty much prove our point!

Read about the details below. Congratulations!

Lilian Sau: The purpose of Lillian’s project is to investigate the potential of probiotics as therapy for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS is the most common endocrine disorder in reproductive-aged women with an incidence of approximately 10% worldwide. PCOS can lead to hormonal imbalances, infertility, miscarriage, and pregnancy complications, and PCOS substantially increases the risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Interestingly, studies have shown that th…

Women's Health Year Round! Take note of the things you can do to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!


About the Doris A. Howell Foundation:

For the past 23 years, The Doris A. Howell Foundation for Women’s Health Research has been dedicated to keeping to women we love healthy by making a long-term, positive impact on women’s health.  To date, it is the premier organization advancing women’s health.

The organization does so by funding scholarships to students researching issues affecting women’s health; providing a forum for medical experts, scientists, doctors, and researchers to convey timely information on topics relevant to women’s health, and by funding research initiatives that improve the health of under-served women and increase awareness and advocacy in the community; bringing women's health research to a full cycle.


Summary & Design prepared by Carolyn Northrup and revised by Carole Banka, PHD with information from the following sources:

In honor of the nurses who help care for us!

National Nurse's week is celebrated May 6th to May 12th.  This incredibly noble profession isn't always recognized as it should.  Aside from treating patients that can be very sick or injured, nurses provide advice and sometimes much needed emotional support to patients and their families as well.  Being a nurse goes beyond helping doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

In 2017, the Howell Foundation awarded Cheryl Boyd and Raelene Brooks the Chery A. Wilson Scholarship.

In her dissertation, Cheryl Boyd is looking to bring an in-depth understanding of the major issues affecting victims of sex trafficking.  She mentions that the gap in nursing knowledge regarding how and why victims are lured into captivity in sex trafficking (entry), how and why they remain in captivity (progression), how they are able to exit captivity, and once out of captivity, their ability to work with the affects upon future relationship status and quality of life is imperative to assist ser…

Going beyond a glass of milk and some sunshine: Top 8 facts of osteoporosis and what experts recommend for healthy bones.

With all the hardships of advancing age (not ready to say "we're old" just yet), new ongoing research shows us the way to age, not only gracefully, but intelligently.

Osteoporosis will happen as we age, and the more information we have to make a healthy decision, the better! 

Often referred to as an asymptomatic, silent illness,  people with osteoporosis either lose too much bone mass, make too little new bone tissue, or both, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF).

There are many factors that cause Osteoporosis: being female following menopause, a poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol use, being over the age of 50, and not getting enough vitamin D and Calcium are just some of the causes. 
Ongoing research shows that vitamin K12 is as important as vitamin D when discussing bone health!

The severity of the body's bone loss is measured by 'T scores', one of the metrics utilized to determine the condition.  A score of -1 and above indi…

The field of regenerative medicine offers the future of treatment alternatives. And the Howell Foundation will present the latest research about it.

Won't you join us? 

It seems like the 2018 Howell Lecure Series is shaping up to present the role technology is playing for the treatment and cure of severe illnesses.  Just last  February, the Howell Foundation hosted Dr. De Maria, who spoke about the latest technological advances to address heart disease.

Now, for our luncheon in May, we have the honor of hosting Benjamin Shepherd, Ph.D, Director of Therapeutics at Organovo, Inc.  His presentation"Advanced Tissue Therapies - Progress in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine”will address the latest and most innovative developments in using cultured human tissues and 3-D bioprinting for vital organ transplantation.

Organ and tissue damage can go beyond the current available treatments.  The field of regenerative medicine offers new alternatives when discussing a cure for diseases related to genetic predisposition, congenital abnormalities or severe injuries.

Why is the field of regenerative medicine so relevant in toda…

Springing forward all year long: It's not about losing an hour of sleep, rather learning how to sleep to find your health!

In August 2107, our very own Dr. Andrea LaCroix presented the health benefits of sleep during the Howell Lecture Series Improving the Snooze: Sleeping Better as we Age.  "Almost everything is related in some way to our ability to function as we grow older; and sleep is perhaps one of the most important functions,"  comments Dr. LaCroix.  She, along with Dr. Carole Banka, Dr. Meg Richman and Board Chair and Registered Nurse Abigail D'Agostino, are part of the Foundation's Speakers Service; a newly launched initiative focused on extending the organization's mission of "keeping the women we love healthy."

The 5 takeaways of her presentation are:

1. Sleep is regulated by a process called homeostatic process.  It means that the body is set up to want to be in balance with other internal processes. Our sleep drive -- when we get tired and feel sleepy, that drive to sleep -- is balanced with the way we operate while awake.  There are many internal and externa…