Putting our thinking caps on!

Pictured above: Betty Brayshay, Brad Benter, Carole Banka, Steve Dahms, Carolyn Northrup and Dr. Doris Howell

Board members from the Doris A. Howell Foundation gathered yesterday to work on new and creative ideas to discuss the importance of women's health news and research across the board...pun intended!

So why is this so important?

Just this week gender equality was all over the news; this time on the difference in pay between male and female nurses.  THAT translates into research as well.  Recent studies have shown that there is still a lack of female representation in preclinical studies and clinical trials, not to mention the differences when it comes to prescribing medication... we all have heard about how ambien affects women differently than men.

As a result, if women continue to receive the same medical treatment as men, the women we love are at great risk of being unhealthy.  In other words, women are NOT men with ovaries.

But what does it mean for us to have healthy women with us?  What is the male perspective on women's health?  How do we get the "health factor" to the communities we serve?  And no, this is not a feminist movement!  It IS a health movement.

This and other new ideas are what gets the Doris A. Howell Foundation excited about our passion:  "Keeping the Women we Love Healthy"!

Stay tuned...


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