A life-long love for education and travel.

With summer around the corner, many of us are excited about our vacation time and the possibility of going on a new adventure, even if it’s just around the neighborhood discovering the next best restaurant, to our local hiking spot or to the beach.   The phrase ‘travelling IS learning’ suddenly pops into mind.

Sandra Harris would certainly agree.  World traveler, enthusiastic teacher and Howell Foundation’s Donor Liaison offers just one simple piece of advice:  “I would encourage everyone-- young, old and in between-- to be life- long learners.”   

Her philosophy in life has always been simple - live each day to its fullest measure.   She has done just that.   “We began our love of travel and adventure early in our marriage while my husband was a young Naval Officer aboard the USS Saratoga.  We have enjoyed visiting people and countries all over the world for the last 50 years. Hiking, skiing and jazz festivals in Mammoth bring us great appreciation for the beauty and diversity of our own state,” she comments.  

Sandra has also devoted her life to education.  She taught in the San Diego City Schools gifted program (Mentor Emeritus) for over four decades as well as several years as an adjunct professor at the United States International University teaching graduate courses in History and Social Science.

Sandra became involved with the Howell foundation through Pattie Wellborn, the Foundation’s Chair.    It just made sense for her.  She undoubtedly has a love for learning - still involved in education today after 50 years - and her mother was a surgical nurse.   She clearly relates to the relevance in supporting young scientists pursuing their degrees as a means to ensuring women’s health. 

Her dedication to the Foundation is certainly rewarding – the results encompass the better of two worlds:   “As the Scholar/Donor Liaison for the Foundation, I am fortunate to experience the joy of the donors as well as the gratitude of each Scholar in a very personal way.  I want the donors to know how much their donation means to each of our young Scholars and to thank each Scholar for their dedication to scientific study.   Without the support of our generous donors, many of our Scholars would be unable to continue their work.” 

“I had the opportunity of meeting Sandra while funding a memorial scholarship in my Mother’s name,” comments Howell scholarship donor Christopher Northrup.   “She makes you feel so appreciated and has this enthusiasm and passion for education that is just so contagious.”   That is the passion that characterizes Sandra and summarizes her work for the Doris A. Howell Foundation.  


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